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Info about our news system

Do you want survey about actual trend for your work and extract information from best practician? Interest you possibilities education and your personal growth? We inform you max. 4x monthly. All information about news sending system, you can find at our business conditions document.

For registering, you can fill your Name - Firm and your e-mail address with format . When you are person only, you must fill your name only. Fill in please full and correct data only. After inserting your personal info, you must fill some Antispam number to input with same name. When you have all inputs filling, you can click to left button Send form - registration.

For cancel your registration, you can send e-mail back to e-mail address with subject Cancel. For automatic deregistration you must send this e-mail from e-mail address, which is registered.

Please fill in only correct data.

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Engaged data working within the scope of the law about wardships personal data (CZ 101/2000 Sb)

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