Pneumatic stapler BeA 380/16-420 - inlet splitting

Pneumatic stapler BeA 380/16-420 - inlet splitting - main photo 1054
Special pneumatic stapler with splitting inlet, for buckles type 80 and 380 in lengths 3 - 16 mm. This stapler is particularly suitable for upholstery workshops, hidden corrugated board connections etc. with standard splitting.

To 1 week

Eur 227.4,- net of VAT

Eur 275.1,- VAT incl.

- Technical specification:
Filling the magazine: bottom
Safety fuse: no

Industrial buckles type: 80 - 380
Capacity of stack: 157 staples
Pcs buckles in post: 100 buckles type 80 or 150 buckles 380

Working air pressure: 0.5 - 0.6 MPa
Required air pressure: 0.6 MPa
Air consumption per 1 pc. cycle: 0.30 l at 0.6 MPa
Connecting hose: pr. 9 mm in brightness
Measurement level of ac. power A: LWA, 1s, d = 84 dB
Measurement level of ac. pressure A: LPA, 1s, d = 77,8 dB
Vibration: less than 1.02 m / s2

Dimensions (LxWxH): 221x144x43 mm
Weight: 0.94 kg

Producer / brand: BeA
Made in: Germany

- Detailed description:
Works by flaring the staple outwards as it penetrates the material. This lightweight but powerful stapler features a bottom loading magazine, ergonomic design for reduced operator fatigue, and integrated silencer making it useful for both industrial and home use. Low air consumption, increased durability, and ease of maintenance make this stapler a real cost saver.

- Other photos:
Pneumatic stapler BeA 380/16-420 - inlet splitting - detail photo 1054 Pneumatic stapler BeA 380/16-420 - inlet splitting - detail photo 1054

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