Perching and rewinding machine PS2H/MIL

Perching and rewinding machine PS2H/MIL - main photo 673
Perching and rewinding machine PS2H/MIL - detail photo 673 Perching and rewinding machine PS2H/MIL - detail photo 673

Machine be intended for rewinding, straightening margin role, admeasurement textile material to the breadth according to contract. Machine winding-on on paper cup. Machine is able to and translate limit material (before sealing-in and next processing).

Manufacturer / Brand: ROBEX DK, s.r.o.
Country: Czech republic
Condition: new
Warranty: as agreed
Availability: Custom made
ID 673
from Eur 12790.7,- net of VAT
Eur 15476.7,- VAT incl.

The product is made to order, according to the exact specification of the customer. The price depends on the amount of equipment and the optional specification of the product.

Detailed description

- strong construction
- fluent start and stopping with possibility setting preferences longitude
- distance measurement homologation Czech metrological institute
- unreeling from cup
- peripheral winding on cup with straightening margin - winding without textile tension

Technical specifications

Potential AC 400 V
Input 2000 W
Proportions 2250 x 3200 x 950 mm
Max. average on entrance 550 mm
Max. breadth material 2000 mm
Max. average input and check out 550 mm
Max rate rewinding 60 m/min
Perching rate 20 m/min
Proportion paper cup (average) 76 ( according to orders) mm
Supply compressed air 0.6 MPa
Materiality 175 Kg
Noisiness inferior to 70 dB


you can find more on the video portal RobexTube (Youtube.com/robexdk)


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Another services

We offer full warranty and post-warranty service, repairs and maintenance incl. delivery of spare parts.

The presented product is made to order, according to the customer's wishes. In some cases, it can be arranged to demonstrate it at an existing customer. We are also able to arrange tests with your material.

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