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Automatic line for the production of protective mask

Automatic line for the production of protective mask - main photo 1069 our tipcustom-made
Machine for automatic laying of textiles in a layer up to 80 mm to a set length with stretching of a pair of layers in one cycle. The fabric clamp is driven by a servomotor, ensuring high speed and accuracy. The layering mechanism replaces the descending table. An industrial razor on a linear guide driven by a servomotor with a cutting speed of up to 1.3 m / s is used for the cut. To increase production, it is developed from several roles at once. the speed of the unwinders and the tension of the fabric is controlled by the dancers.

Custom made

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- Technical specification:
Machine input: max. 3.6 kW
Current system: 3 NPE, 400 V, AC, 50 Hz, 20 A, TN-S
Control: 24 V, DC
Max. air pressure: 8 bar Regulated operating pressure: 6 bar Air quality: unlubricated, dry
Workplace noise: <75 dB
Machine dimensions (w x d x h): 5187 x 2538 x 2500 mm
Machine weight: 600 kg

We produce this machine on your request!

- Detailed description:
This vending machine significantly reduces the time of preparation of material into the layer. The clamp is driven by a powerful servomotor with high speed and positioning accuracy. The clamp has a self-learning ability and adjusts its speed according to current needs, especially with regard to the size of the cartridge on the unwinder. The whole operation takes 7 to 14 seconds for 4000 mm of material length in two layers, depending on the winding of the material on the unwinders. The machine is able to layer material up to a height of 80 mm. This layer is further processed at the subsequent workplace (2D plotter, manual formatting workplace, longitudinal cutting, etc.). The whole machine is controlled by the Omron control system and the whole kinematic cycle consists of 16 steps. The design of the machine is chosen simply and efficiently to achieve easy and safe operation by the operator. The design of the machine is a combination of welded and screwed construction of steel and aluminum profiles, on which the pneumatic elements, linear guides and auxiliary elements of the machine are attached. The work surface is made of laminated chipboard, which is attached to the table frame.

This product is custom-maded, by exact client's specification. Price is depending on type and equipment!

- Other photos:
Automatic line for the production of protective mask - detail photo 1069 Automatic line for the production of protective mask - detail photo 1069 Automatic line for the production of protective mask - detail photo 1069

- Product video:

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