Paspulator PKV-1000 - automatic film roll cutter

Paspulator PKV-1000 -  automatic film roll cutter - main photo 1098 actioncustom-made
The foil roll divider is intended for transverse cutting of solid materials (when roll rotate) into paspules (discs) of different widths. A large cutting disc is used for cutting, which is guided into the cut by a motor (servo actuator) with a smooth change of speed. Adjustable speed limitation of the knife and rolling rollers, locking and a lesion indicator of the cutting position, controlled by the Siemens system. The automatic extraction of the chips is a matter of course.

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- Technical specification:
Electrical network: 3NPE 400V / 50Hz TN-S
Maximum roll diameter: 380 mm
Maximum roll length: 1300 mm
Maximum roll weight: 160 kg
Total max el. machine power: 6.65 kW
Supply fuse: 20 A (C)
Control voltage: DC 24V
Maximum air supply pressure: 8 bar
Minimum air pressure: 6 bar
Machine noise: less than 75 dB
Machine weight: 510 kg
Machine dimensions (l x h x h): 2400 x 1300 x 1800 mm

Manufacturer: ROBEX DK, s.r.o.
Country of origin: Czech Republic
We produce this machine on your request!

Producer / brand:ROBEX DK, s.r.o.
Made in:Czech republic

- Detailed description:
Cutting takes place using a large-diameter disc knife, which is guided by a motor-guided arm against a material rolled on a pair of adjustable driven rollers.

The construction of the machine frame consists of AluTec steel + aluminum profiles. A linear guide with an arm guide is located on this frame in the horizontal plane. A disc knife is mounted on this arm. The knife drive is an asynchronous motor located on this arm with the possibility of a smooth change of speed. The knife cover is opened by repacking, ie the position of the arm above the material. The arm has a handle for manual (quick) position change, a rolling wheel for precise, precise position adjustment, pneumatic locking for strong holding of the arm at the cutting site (without locking the cutting cycle cannot be started) and a laser pointer to facilitate measuring the cutting position. The arm is pushed into the cut by means of a servo drive. Driving upwards always takes place at maximum speed. The downward (cut) out of the material also takes place in accelerated mode. thanks to the inductive sensor, the movement of the arm is slowed down only before the height of the placed diameter of the roll is reached. Bosch Rexroth units are used to drive the arm. Ideal accuracy is also achieved by rolling the roll on rubberized rolling rollers, which are adjustable (for different roll diameters). A pair of Siemens frequency converters is used to drive the cylinders. A Siemens system with remote management is used for control. The whole system is built as a semi-automatic. Measuring the position of the cut manually, own cut fully automatic. Sawdust and chips are always removed from the cutting point into the plastic bag during the cut. Thanks to the branch, this extraction can also be used for manual vacuuming.
This product is custom-maded, by exact client's specification. Price is depending on type and equipment!

- Other photos:
Paspulator PKV-1000 -  automatic film roll cutter - detail photo 1098 Paspulator PKV-1000 -  automatic film roll cutter - detail photo 1098 Paspulator PKV-1000 -  automatic film roll cutter - detail photo 1098

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