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HSG-0 EST - heat cutter 200W with regulation

HSG-0 EST - heat cutter 200W with regulation - main photo 1083 our tipactionstock
The strongest manual heat cutter HSG-0 EST with temperature control is designed for cutting textile and similar synthetic materials, cutting ropes and straps Adjustable power 200W. Usable for a wide range of types of heating knives reaching temperatures up to 650 ° C. Include R-50 knife and a plastic case!

Cat. no.:

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Eur 406.3,- (net of VAT)

Eur 491.7,- VAT incl.

- Technical specification:
Heats up in 6 seconds only
Supply voltage: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Power input: 200 Watts max.
Intermittent operation: 1/4 min.
LED-operating indicator
Power regulator
Protective insulation
3 m electric cord with 2-pin straight contour plug
Blade temperature to 650°C (1110°F) max.
Weight of cutter: 580 g
Weight with accessories and plastic box: 1,5 kg
Packaging: cardboard box 360 x 290 x 90 mm

- Detailed description:
The powerful and comfortable hand operated tool with a microprocessor-controlled power level. Fast heating-up time thanks to the boost-function.

To cut small and medium quantities. Suitable to cut and seal the edges of synthetic fabric, such as cords, ropes, bands and belting fabric.

In order to ensure a quick heating-up time, the cutting tip is operated at maximum power for a few seconds when it is switched on. The output is then regulated to the value set by the user.

We recommend using a glass pad, which prevents damage to the table top and at the same time is optimal for making the cut (there is no cooling of the knife).

The price inc. a knife R-50 and plastic box.

Basic equipment:
Device HSG-0-EST
Blade R-50
Cleaning brush
Plastic case

Practicable blades: R, C, R-1, R-50, F-3, F-2, HS-S, HS-SG, HS-S-15°, HS-S-15°-F, V, VST, N-1 (r = max. 15 mm), N-2 (a = max. 30 mm)

- Other photos:
HSG-0 EST - heat cutter 200W with regulation - detail photo 1083 HSG-0 EST - heat cutter 200W with regulation - detail photo 1083 HSG-0 EST - heat cutter 200W with regulation - detail photo 1083 HSG-0 EST - heat cutter 200W with regulation - detail photo 1083 HSG-0 EST - heat cutter 200W with regulation - detail photo 1083

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