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Business conditions



Business conditions - firm ROBEX DK, s. r. o. ®
  1. About us, Opening hours, The e-shop
  2. Orders,
  3. Price, Discount, Special customers
  4. Postage and packing fees
  5. Refunds
  6. Sales returns
  7. Customer protection

1. About us

·         Address:         ROBEX DK, s. r. o.
                       Slovany 3051
                       CZ-544 01 Dvůr Králové nad Labem

E-shop administrator:                                                    JIŘÍ BUCHAR
                                                                                        mobile: +420 603 32 32 45


    Opening hours

·         We register orders that are sent via e-shop at 9 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Mon-Fri  more in cotact

Sat, Sun – only custom-made orders


    The e-shop

·         The Internet presentation is made up of two section: a) shopping goods
                                                                                           b) made-to-order goods

·         You can buy shopping goods though a system similar to usual e-shop; business conditions are stated below;

·         In the case of made-to-order goods you can’t order a product directly (shopping cart) because its direct sale is not likely (reason: higher purchase price, parameters need to be approved, etc.). WWW.ROBEX-DK.CZ functions only as an informative center in which you can choose between the types, kinds, and functions of individually tailor-made products. Business conditions are handled on an individual customer-to-customer basis. Made-to-order goods are handled in a special manner; their creation is usually subject to a meeting in person, a trade agreement, and tailor-made payment terms and conditions, for instance. 


2. Orders

·         We send goods that have been ordered to customers within 2 - 5 working days on receipt of the order. Goods are dispatched on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We can send the goods immediately in case of an emergency.

·         If goods are not in stock, we immediately inform the customer via e-mail or telephone.

·         An order made through the e-shop will only be deemed valid if it complies with all the conditions specified in the order form.

·         In the order form titled Binding Order you can fill-in into the notes-section how you prefer your goods to be delivered (e.g. COD, PPL, etc.) Furthermore, please note if a pre-sale discount for another dealer is required so that we can check our database for the exact discount off the price of the goods or products.


Payment terms and conditions

·         You can pick-up your goods and pay for them at the address listed above.

·         You can have your goods sent Cash-On-Delivery or via the Czech Post Office. You will be charge postage fees but in ordinary cases we don’t charge any packing fees.

·         In case of our special customers, an invoice will be sent to you via the Czech Post Office and you can pay the amount payable by bank transfer.


3. Price, Discount, Special Customers


·         The price for individual kinds of goods is listed in the price-list, which is valid at the time an order is confirmed. The price in the price-list is the purchase price for one item. A valid price-list is always available at our salesroom. The prices listed in the on-line e-shop are regularly up-dated and if not, you will be informed about a change in price immediately after you have placed your order. If you need to know the current and valid price of the item you are interested in, please fill-in the form title More Information and we will contact you either via e-mail or by telephone.

·         All prices listed at exclude VAT.

·         We don’t give e-shop clients any discounts.

·         We provide quantity discount on a case-by-case basis to special customers – to well-established companies, companies listed in the special companies data base, advance-dealers, other dealers, and agents – If interested please write to us at or call us at 420 499 321 109.


4. Postage and packing fees

  • Postage fees depend on the overall purchase price (following all discounts) and follows valid postage and forwarding company prices.
  • Packages that are sent to foreign countries are subject to postage fees charged by the Czech Post Office and packing fees are also charged (we don’t charge packing fees in the case of goods that are sent to Slovakia or Poland)
  • In accordance with the provisions of the VAT Act N. 235/2004, s. 52, we add 19% VAT to packing fees.
  • WE DON’T CHARGE PACKING FEES in ordinary cases.


5. Refunds

  • We warrantee that all goods that have been purchased can be returned without cause within 14 days as of the date of receipt in accordance with the provisions of Act N. 367/2000 Sb., but only if such goods have not been devalued through use, tear or wear, and only if sent back to us originally packed and in their original condition. 
  • The buyer is required to deliver the goods in person or by post at its own costs to the dealer’s address.
  • Returned goods must be in a defect-free condition, should not be damaged in any way and the protective wrapping should also not be damaged.
  • We only return money for goods ordered, not for packaging fees.
  • As soon as we receive goods returned, we check them and if their condition is not satisfactory, these goods will not be accepted and postage will again be charged. Or, we may accept these goods but we will calculate the price for tear and wear and require that the customer, who returned these goods, settle the amount.


6. Sales returns

  • We dispose of sales returns in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act N. 634/1992 Sb., and the Civil Code, Part Four – Special Provisions for the Sale of Goods in a Shop, and also the provisions of the Commercial Code.
  • The buyer is required to make sales returns in writing (e-mail, fax, post) and to include a description of the defects discovered.
  • In case of a sales return, please also send us a copy of the invoice, the sales receipt and bill of delivery of the goods the defects of which you claim.
  • We are not liable for any damage that occurs as a result of operation of a product, its functional features, or that is caused through its unauthorized use; this also includes damage caused by external circumstances and faulty manipulation following goods take over; warrantee terms and conditions also do not apply to such damage.
  • We don’t warrantee the validity of information that is variable in time. We undertake to inform you about how your sales return is going to be handled within 5 days following receipt of your sales return.
  • Product information posted at our e-shop is only for illustration and these products may differ in detail from the products delivered.


7. Customer protection

  • By sending us a filled-in form you confirm that you agree with us using the information in the order form for an indefinite period of time only for our needs and for the purpose of running our e-shop as stipulated by the provisions of the Data Protection Act N. 101/2000 Sb..
  • We guarantee the safety of data entered in our information system in accordance with the above-said statue.
  • We alone process the said information and data.
  • We strictly regard all the personal data of our customers to be of a confidential nature and we guarantee that we will not disclose any such information or data to a third person or allow any third person to abuse it.



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