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RB-VP 1100 - vertical band saw with sliding desk and two squares (luxury)
Category Machines for flexibile foam & other foam and subcategory Band saw for foam material
RB-VP 1100 - vertical band saw with sliding desk and two squares (luxury) - main photo 396Four wheels vertical band saw with full equipment. Suitable for boards cutting and forming. The maximum cutting height to 1100 mm, distance from the square to blade 1150 mm and length of sliding desk (cut length) to 2200 mm. It is the most ideal solution.

custom made Custom made

Availability: Custom made
Price: on demand
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- Detailed description:
Electric motor with brake for blade drive, the brake is activated in the event of an emergency stop
Infinitely variable blade speed by frequency converter
Motorical knives grinding - very good sharpness
Double-sided sharpening knives - high productivity machines
Optical symmetry control system
Digital measuring square ( absolute / incremental measure, zero initial value measurement)
The second square on the left side of the desk

Other on request :
Motorical square with step by the specified value
(suitable for cutting boards on both sides cut with a knife)
Cushion for easy handling and turning blocks
- Technical specification:
El. power: 3.5 kW
Current system: TN-S 3 NPE
Supply voltage, frequency: AC 400V, 50Hz
Max. cutting height: 1100 mm
Max. square distance from the blade: 1150 mm
Travel distance (cut length): 2200 mm
Width of the desk to the left of blade: 1500 mm
Height of sliding square 1000 + 800 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h): 5450 x 4150 x 2950 mm
Height with extended guide: 3900 mm
Weight: 970 kg
- Other photo:
RB-VP 1100 - vertical band saw with sliding desk and two squares (luxury) - detail photo 396

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