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Foto of Rasor Nema Pro - electric cordless cutter

Rasor Nema Pro - electric cordless cutter 15005000 (ID 1130)
At Stock (verify)
Eur 482.4,- net of VAT
Eur 583.7,- VAT incl.

The new NERAPro is truly an innovative concentrate of power, lightness and ease of use in the field of professional cutting tools. Thanks to a pair of batteries, fast charging and high endurance, you can work almost continuously. Weight with battery is 580 gr. only.

Foto of Rasor RS-1 - electric cordless vibratory scissors  (new for the year 2022)

Rasor RS-1 - electric cordless vibratory scissors (new for the year 2022) 15004000 (ID 1129)
At Stock (verify)
Eur 183,- net of VAT
Eur 221.4,- VAT incl.

Handheld professional battery driven scissor Rasor RS1 has blades with tungsten steel inserts (Widia®), Li-Ion® 5Ah battery, oscillations 80 x per second. Weight incl. battery 370 gr. The novelty of 2022 is here.

Foto of HSG-0 EST - heat cutter 200W with regulation

HSG-0 EST - heat cutter 200W with regulation 01027017 (ID 1083)
At Stock (verify)
Eur 486,- net of VAT
Eur 588.1,- VAT incl.

The strongest manual heat cutter HSG-0 EST with temperature control is designed for cutting textile and similar synthetic materials, cutting ropes and straps Adjustable power 200W. Usable for a wide range of types of heating knives reaching temperatures up to 650 ° C. Include R-50 knife and a plastic case!

Foto of Cloth cutter YJ-65 Basic (Model with our safe implementation)

Cloth cutter YJ-65 Basic (Model with our safe implementation) 01001920 (ID 1082)
To 1 week
Eur 275.4,- net of VAT
Eur 333.3,- VAT incl.

Best selling type of small hand held cutting machine. 3 x high-efficiency engine than standard cutters with engine power 150 W. Maximal layer of cut to 22 mm. Suitable for heavy material etc.

In addition to the sale of new products, we also offer bazaar products and also carry out service and repairs. All products can be found in the left menu!

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Foto of Cutting machine PSK 600

Cutting machine PSK 600

ID 1167
Custom made
on demand

After winding the required layer of fine paper material onto the drum, it is cut and stretched onto conveyors, where it is automatically cut to the required dimensions. The system with servomotors is fully controlled by pulses, which achieves a speed of up to 3m/s in the case of the drum (winding) and with a tolerance of 0.2 mm in the case of conveyor displacements.

Foto of Automatic tape divider DPR-4

Automatic tape divider DPR-4

ID 1165
Custom made
on demand

The divider is intended for dividing tape according to pre-defined and user-changeable (USB import/export) recipes. An oval section and a pair of holes for the belt clip are created in the belt, and then a defined number of holes with a set spacing are placed in position. The end of the tape is finished with a straight cut or a cut to a point. The Kinco control system with a 7-inch touch screen allows remote management connection.

Foto of  RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting)

RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting)

ID 1103
Custom made
on demand

Automatic vertical band saw RB VP 1400 for easy trimming, formatting and division of PUR blocks. In the longitudinal direction the cut is made by the feed of the material and in the transverse direction by the feed of the saw. The device enables cutting, formatting, cutting of a block of PUR material without demanding manipulation of the block during cutting.

Foto of Paspulator PKV-1000 -  automatic film roll cutter

Paspulator PKV-1000 - automatic film roll cutter

ID 1098
Custom made
on demand

The foil roll divider is intended for transverse cutting of solid materials (when roll rotate) into paspules (discs) of different widths. A large cutting disc is used for cutting, which is guided into the cut by a motor (servo actuator) with a smooth change of speed. Adjustable speed limitation of the knife and rolling rollers, locking and a lesion indicator of the cutting position, controlled by the Siemens system. The automatic extraction of the chips is a matter of course.

In addition to the development and custom production of machines, we also service machines and refurbish them. You can find our single-purpose machines in the left menu! Custom production of machines with a long tradition.

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