Spare parts catalog sheets and spare parts assemblies for free download

The company ROBEX DK, s.r.o. supplies a wide range of different spare parts

In this section, which is dedicated to spare parts assemblies, you will find everything you need in one place. Your tools deserve the best care! In addition to service and the advice of trained technicians, we also offer you original spare parts that preserve the quality and value of your tools. In order to reduce the operating costs of you, our customers, we also offer non-original parts, for which we regularly test their quality and mutual substitutability with original parts.

Based on many years of experience, we will be happy to advise you and help you choose the best one for you. We also offer circural knives, knives for straight cutters and knives for band saws are offered in a separate category, as well as grinding belts for straight cutters and round grinders for circular saws cutters and band saws. Other spare parts can be found in the subcategory other spare parts for cutting technology, cutters, saws, grease etc.

Disc knives, vertical knives and belt knives Grinding wheels and sanding belts for cutters and band saws Spare parts not only for cutters and band saws

Why are you here right?

  • the widest range of parts in the Czech Republic
  • stock status by phone
  • full telephone support
  • tips and advice from experienced technicians
  • personal collection in our store
  • possibility of payment in cash, cash on delivery or advance payment
  • the possibility of fitting the part by our service department
  • selected catalog sheets of spare parts (assemblies) for free download

We also offer complete professional service of all types of cutters and other tools or machines directly in our company or at your place. The serviced machine can be sent (a service employee will contact you afterwards) or the service can be carried out during a personal visit (after prior ordering).

Your other ideas are a gift to us!

List of spare parts catalogs - assemblies

CleexCut Harmony, Crisp, LongBow & XXL - for PS cut hand frames


CleexCut Picolo & Grande - for horizontal saws to cut PS


ThermoCut - hobby vertical melt cutter for PS


YJ 65 and YJ 65 Basic - hand held cloth cutter 230V


YJ 65 Air (pneumatic) - for compressed air


YJ 65 Profi (light) - cutter with safe voltage


YJ D108A - bar with cloth cutter


KM RS-100 Octa, RS(D)-100, Sulee RC-280 -cloth cutters (original/copy)


KM RS-50 - hand held cloth cutter


KM KRA 5 & 6 - cloth cutters with circural knife


Hoffman HF 60 - cloth cutting machine


Hoffman HF 60 S - cloth cutting machine


Hoffman HF 100 - cloth cutting machine


Hoffman HF 125 - cloth cutting machine


Csepel CS 539/10 (A, A-K) - citcural cutter (new)

new (3.37Mb)

Csepel CS 539/12 - circural cutter

new, rev. 2019 (4.21Mb)

Csepel CS 539/15 - circural cutter

new, rev. 2019 (3.78Mb)

Csepel CS 539/20 - circural cutter

new, rev. 2019 (3.79Mb)

Csepel CS 532 - straight cutter - 532 series


KM Procut PC-700 (H) - battery vibratory scissors


Kress SID US3 - battery vibratory scissors


Bosch GUS - accu. cloth cutter


Suprena CR8-B Batty - accu. cloth cutter


Suprena - manual cloth cutting machines (general)


Suprena PC 1062 & MiniJet - manual cloth cutters


Vibromat S-52 & S-54 - manual cloth cutters


WD 2 - manual cloth cutter


YH 935 - manual cloth cutter


Bullmer, Vimmer 100 (AS100) - manual circural cutter


Kuris Novita Super, Standart & Plus - manual cloth cutter


Kuris BOM 30 (S) - cloth cutting machine


Kuris BOM 100, 101 & 101S - cloth cutter

old (0.66Mb)

Kuris BOM 100, 101 & 101S - cloth cutting machine

new (2.34Mb)

Kuris KV 700 - straight cutting machine


Kuris KV 1352, 1602 & 2002SC - straight cutting machine


Kuris KVS 900 - straight cutting machine


KM KS-KUV 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - straight cutting machine


KM KS-AUV 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 - straight cutting machine


KM KS-AU (V) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 - straight cutting machine

new (0.54Mb)

KM KS-EU 4, 5, 6 - straight cutting machine


CZD 108 - straight cutting machine


Sulee PCD 600 - marker, marking machine


Metrab BRX2011 & SM 201L - markers, marking machines


Pragoděv PŘS4 & RS1100 - vertical band saws


Rasor Zero702 - battery driven scissors


Rasor NeraPro - battery driven scissors


Rasor RS1 - battery driven scissors


Rasor RS1 - battery driven scissors


Rasor SW12SM - single phase cutting unit 350W


YJ 65 and YJ 65 Basic - drawing (not for aftermarket parts)


* other spare parts catalogs on request

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