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The company ROBEX DK, s.r.o. is currently an important partner and technology supplier of important companies in the Czech Republic. However, the long-term plan is to break into the world and further strengthen the position on the Slovak and Polish markets.

The increasing turnover of textile companies and processors of textiles, technical textiles, rubber materials and plastics towards the automotive industry and other competitive industries forces us to change, partially change the direction of our company and adapt to this trend.

That is precisely why in the past the company ROBEX DK, s.r.o. transformed (expanded its scope) from a purely trading company to a custom manufacturing company with many other activities. Even single-purpose machines are now our focus. We see our place especially in Industry 5.0. However, we continue to maintain and develop our business and strive to offer innovative solutions to our more than 3,000 customers.

Take a look here at what we are actually working on:

Join us and change the way you look at work

We know how to reward quality people and also give them the space to adjust their work as it suits them.

Our company culture supports collaboration and creativity. Find out what we build our success on.

The only way to profit with us is through a satisfied customer. We always advise the customer, based on the thesis that a satisfied customer will return.

Perhaps you can see our policies and standards here:

Our Terms and Conditions

and here is Our history:

About Us (profile, history)

Who are we looking for now? Current vacancies ...

For our further and sustainable development, we are looking for new employees and we are opening the door to another career for existing employees. We offer the possibility of professional growth, meeting the most modern technologies, a pleasant, almost home-like working environment.

- we currently do not offer any job vacancies

Call for more information (ms. Jana Glazarová):

Contact us

Didn't find a suitable place for you? We offer the inclusion of your job request in our database for other professions as well. We will contact you if a specific JOB POSITION becomes available. Those interested in employment can contact us throughout the year, even if we currently offer a limited number of vacancies!

Of course, we also give a chance to recent school graduates without experience, who must above all demonstrate high-quality communication skills and a willingness to constantly work on themselves.

You should know before you join us

We need people who can work in a certain amount of chaos, who do not stick to exact procedures and are proactive. We are not looking for dirty fish.

We have work as a hobby, so we are expected to put a lot into it. You have to find your vision and meaning. You have freedom and also not always a clear assignment.

We put a lot of effort into choosing our colleagues. Would you like to have a beer with us? And us with you? We are very informal and open face to face. Be ready for it.

We need people set on learning from mistakes, asking questions, improving themselves. So that they don't feel that if they ask something, they will be fools. You have to be able to assert yourself and stand up for yourself.

It can't be done without people

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