Pneumatical press NeaReach NR-003 (3 heads)

Pneumatical press NeaReach NR-003 (3 heads) - main photo 1081
Pneumatical press NeaReach NR-003 (3 heads) - detail photo 1081

Pneumatic press for pressing, closing rivets, wolves, patents or punching holes with carousel rotary head for 3 separate tools. Cutting holes, closing rivets, press studs or wolves is very simple with this press. The press can be attached to any suitable work table. The press must be connected to a compressed air supply and an AC 230V electrical supply.

Manufacturer / Brand: NewReach
Type / model: NR-3
Condition: new
Warranty: 24 months / 12 months on ID
Availability: To 1 week
Cat.no. 05001000/31 (ID 1081)
Eur 1082.6,-
Eur 1310,- VAT incl.
Variants (Other types:)
NeaReach NR-003 (3 heads) with table
ID 1081-1
Eur 1264.8,-
Eur 1530.41,- VAT incl.
Detailed description

By turning the head, which can hold up to 3 tools at the same time, you can easily change the desired function of the press. For example, you can use a tool for punching, closing presses and patents.

Tools for punching or closing are not part of this product. We can make tools according to your wishes.

The press is equipped with a protective frame that protects the operator from hand injuries. In this version without a table.

Equipment and description:
- rotary carousel head for 3 tools
- speed up to 45 strokes / min (according to the manufacturer), our measured speed up to 32 strokes / min
- working pressure 0.1 - 0.8 MPa
- supply voltage AC 230V, 50Hz
- laser pointer
- robust design

Pneumatic multi-head presses for pressing presses can be used for all types of textiles (eg knitwear, jackets, denim), footwear, hats, plastic materials, canvases, leather, etc. With multi-head types of presses, it is possible to use more sets of heads and dies, which can be easily changed, it is also possible to use more dimensions of presses. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the pressure valve, it is possible to apply various special presses and materials with different thicknesses. The presses are pressed firmly and without any damage to the surface. It therefore also meets the demanding requirements of customers. Pneumatic presses are designed to close presses and patents in the clothing or leather industry. Aiming is performed using an integrated laser pointer.

Technical specifications

Type: NR-003
Manufacturer: NewReach

Number of heads: 3
Speed: 32 presses / min
Supply voltage: AC 230V, 50Hz
Power consumption: max. 20W
Working pressure: adjustable 0.15 - 0.8 MPa
Max. pressure: 0.8 MPa (8 Bar or 7,895 Atm)

Max. working height (without tools): 98 mm
Max. working extension (from the center of the hole): 59 mm
Lower bolt mounting hole (piston): 11.65 mm
Mounting hole for upper shutter (piston): 10 mm

Dimensions (l x h x w): 300 x 360 x 280 mm
Weight: 24 Kg


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