Pneumatical press BRERO 133 - bazaar

Pneumatical press BRERO 133 - bazaar - main photo 779
Pneumatical press BRERO 133 - bazaar - detail photo 779 Pneumatical press BRERO 133 - bazaar - detail photo 779

Excellent and first-rate pneumatic press Swiss production, brands Brero, type 133. Foot control air break switch.

Manufacturer / Brand: Brero
Country: Swiss
Condition: used (bazar)
Warranty: 12 months / 12 months on ID
Availability: At Stock (verify)
ID 779
Eur 1069.8,- net of VAT
Eur 1294.4,- VAT incl.
Detailed description

Transmission pressure is secured currency piston over rubber membrane. Press delivery without bedside table. Single parts press is pneu lead, foot-operated pneu. contact-maker, pressure control and separator. Safety element answering data production!

Technical specifications

Overall dimension: 300x220x500
working pressure: about 5Mpa
lower opening: about 20 mm (M20)
top connection: about 12 mm
(get, modification for Your implement)
pressure control 1 - 10 bar
foot control: pneumatic
setout: 48 mm
lifting height: about 60 - 85 mm

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