Cutting machine PSK 600

Cutting machine PSK 600 - main photo 1167
Cutting machine PSK 600 - detail photo 1167 Cutting machine PSK 600 - detail photo 1167 Cutting machine PSK 600 - detail photo 1167

After winding the required layer of fine paper material onto the drum, it is cut and stretched onto conveyors, where it is automatically cut to the required dimensions. The system with servomotors is fully controlled by pulses, which achieves a speed of up to 3m/s in the case of the drum (winding) and with a tolerance of 0.2 mm in the case of conveyor displacements.

Manufacturer / Brand: ROBEX DK, s.r.o.
Type / model: PSK-600
Country: Czech republic
Condition: new
Warranty: as agreed
Availability: Custom made
ID 1167
on demand

The product is made to order, according to the exact specification of the customer. The price depends on the amount of equipment and the optional specification of the product.

Detailed description

The complete machine consists of four main parts:
1. 2x Unwinder
2. 2x Compensator
3. Drum winding system (length approx. 3600 mm)
4. Formatting with a pair of conveyor belts

The device is intended for unwinding the material according to the sample supplied by the customer. It is used exclusively for unwinding material from rolls, winding on a winding drum, placing the winding on a conveyor belt and dividing it into final blanks. The design of the machine is chosen simply and purposefully to achieve easy and safe control by the operator. The safety of the machine is ensured by a complex system consisting of a programmable Reer Mosaic safety module together with a gate with forced locking and several magnetic sensors and mushroom buttons. The system is controlled by a Kinco K6 PLC with Ethernet and 8 pulse outputs. The PLC is extended by 6 additional IO modules. A 10-inch HMi touch screen is used for control. The system is connected to remote management using VPN.

Other specifications:
- input material: paper 2-3 layers
- weight of input roll: 300 kg
- max. diameter of the roll at the entrance: 1300 mm
- material width at the entrance: 200, 400 and 600 mm
- inner diameter of the sleeve: 75 mm
- format wound on a drum: 3600 x 200/400/600 mm ( l,w )
- final blanks: 200-600mm x 200/400/600 mm ( l,w )
- wound layer on the drum: 80mm

Technical specifications

Max. machine input: 6.8 kW
Current system: 3+N+PE TN-S
Supply voltage: AC 400V, 50Hz
Max. operating pressure of compressed air: 6 bar
Noise level at the workplace: < 75 dB
Max. winding speed: 3.6m/s
Max. tolerance of conveyor position: 0.1 mm
Max. machine dimensions (L x H x W): 13320 x 3155 x 2680 mm
Total weight of the machine: 1600 kg


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Another services

We offer full warranty and post-warranty service, repairs and maintenance incl. delivery of spare parts.

The presented product is made to order, according to the customer's wishes. In some cases, it can be arranged to demonstrate it at an existing customer. We are also able to arrange tests with your material.

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