RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting)

 RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - main photo 1103
 RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - detail photo 1103  RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - detail photo 1103  RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - detail photo 1103  RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - detail photo 1103

Automatic vertical band saw RB VP 1400 for easy trimming, formatting and division of PUR blocks. In the longitudinal direction the cut is made by the feed of the material and in the transverse direction by the feed of the saw. The device enables cutting, formatting, cutting of a block of PUR material without demanding manipulation of the block during cutting.

Manufacturer / Brand: ROBEX DK, s.r.o.
Country: Czech republic
Condition: new
Warranty: as agreed
Availability: Custom made
ID 1103
on demand

The product is made to order, according to the exact specification of the customer. The price depends on the amount of equipment and the optional specification of the product.

Detailed description

The basic part consists of a vertical band saw with a system of machine rotation of the knife by an angle of 90 ° while the saw is running by means of pneumatic cylinders. This allows cutting in two perpendicular directions without the hassle of manipulating blocks of material during cutting. The saw is equipped with a double-edged knife for cutting in all directions. The grinding of the knife is ensured by a pair of grinders, which are driven by electric motors. The whole set of the saw is placed on a linear guide, which ensures its feed into the cut - so it is possible to cut in the transverse direction when the knife is turned. The feed is provided by an electric motor with feedback for accurate measurement of the saw position.

The working surface consists of a pair of belt conveyors. The transition between the conveyors consists of special rails and guides, between which the saw blade is moved during its transverse movement. On the conveyors, the block of material is moved synchronously and thus a longitudinal cut is ensured. The belt feeds are provided by electric motors with feedback to accurately measure the position of the block and to ensure synchronized joint movement. It serves as a place for loading and unloading the processed block and at the same time as a transport intermediate element when moving the block to the cutting belt conveyors.
The device is controlled from the operator terminal, which is located separately, near the cutting plane, so that the operator has a perfect overview of the situation and condition of the machine.

The device has many options and cutting functions:
- Positions, lengths and widths can be entered in the appropriate programs (recipes) for frequent cutting variants
- only transverse or longitudinal cuts (manually entered or automatically according to the recipe)
- complete trimming to the required length and width of the block (manually entered or according to the recipe)
- vertical division into plates in the transverse direction (manually entered or according to recipe)
- vertical division into slabs in the longitudinal direction (manually entered or according to recipe)
- various combinations of cross and longitudinal sections

Technical specifications

Supply voltage: AC 400 V, 50 Hz
Supply fuse: 20 A
Control voltage: DC 24 V
Noise: <75dB

Table: 2 x sliding (belt conveyor)
Dimensions of processed blocks max. (h x w x l): 1050 x 1450 x 2050 mm


you can find more on the video portal RobexTube (Youtube.com/robexdk)


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We offer full warranty and post-warranty service, repairs and maintenance incl. delivery of spare parts.

The presented product is made to order, according to the customer's wishes. In some cases, it can be arranged to demonstrate it at an existing customer. We are also able to arrange tests with your material.

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