RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting)

 RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - main photo 1104
 RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - detail photo 1104  RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - detail photo 1104  RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - detail photo 1104  RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - detail photo 1104  RB-VP 1400 - automatic vertical band saw (cutting and formatting) - detail photo 1104

The saw is designed exclusively for cutting flexible foam materials into bulk density 160kg / m3. Cuts from semi-finished products up to 2 sizes 000 x 2 200 mm (area) 1300 mm high depending on bulk density. The saw is equipped with a control system for precise positioning of the face and measuring the cutting position. Possibility of remote management and data export to USB.

Manufacturer / Brand: ROBEX DK, s.r.o.
Country: Czech republic
Condition: new
Warranty: as agreed
Availability: Custom made
ID 1104
on demand

The product is made to order, according to the exact specification of the customer. The price depends on the amount of equipment and the optional specification of the product.

Detailed description

Unloading of the saw, ie the distance of the knife from the arm is 1300 mm, the left side of the table 2100 mm. The saw can be fitted with saw blades belts up to 15 mm wide with various blade shapes or smooth straight-edged knives.

The saw frame is welded from rectangular closed profiles. Removable covers are made of sheet steel. The four aluminum guide wheels are mounted on articulated shafts. Banding of the circumferential wheels with polyurethane elastomer with high abrasion resistance, ensuring smooth running of the saw belt. The lower front wheel is driven by an electric motor with the possibility of continuous regulation of the belt knife speed in relation to the material being processed. The upper guide system is located at the bottom of the movable column. The guidance of this column forms a whole, which is k saw screwed with the possibility of geometric adjustment according to the direction of the saw belt. The lower and upper guide system consists of a pair of eccentric hard pins. Rolling knife in the form of rolling. The grinding space of the knife is separated by partitions that lead the grinding products into the funnel. From there they are led down to the throat of pr. 60 mm, which can be connected to the exhaust. The saw is equipped with lighting of the saw work area and equipped with a warning light to signal the running of the knife. Pneumatic tensioning of the knife to achieve perfect tension in relation to the expansion of materials during cutting. At the back of the saw is an electrical switchboard with a main switch. The space of the saw blade is covered by opening covers with a safety interlock. In the case of cutting dusty materials with a toothed knife, the space under the table where the knife enters the saw frame is also shaped into a funnel and fitted with a neck pr. 60 mm for the possibility of connection to an external hood. The saw is firmly anchored to the concrete base and leveled on steel pads.

The table tops and the sliding guide are made of aluminum profiles covered with AL sheet. Along the indoor table the plates are rolled on the hardened guide rail. The drive of the guide rail is motorized, according to the values ​​set to touch screen. Possibility of stepping using a separate button outside the display. A glued gauge on the worktop is used to check the setting of the guide to the required distance from the knife. The two guide rails are separately anchored to the floor. The running surfaces are covered with a hardened foil. The table is moved by four ball bearings with side guide bearings. The table travel is equipped with a friction brake, which allows the table to be locked in any position. The basic table feed is manual. The operating area is protected by a transparent polycarbonate cover. The shield holder carries a handle for moving the table and a control box. The frame of the machine is provided with an epoxy primer and a top epoxy enamel. Double-sided knife sharpening - this adjustment allows you to make cuts back and forth. Therefore, the block will be processed faster.

Complete delivery:
1 pc saw with wiring
1 piece divided mobile table with protective shield
3 pcs runway with supports
1 pc sliding front
2 pcs belt knife (supplied by customer)
1 pc operating and maintenance manual with attachments

Technical specifications

Supply voltage: AC 400 V, 50 Hz
Supply fuse: 20 A
Control voltage: DC 24 V
Total max el. machine power: 8050 W
Max. air pressure / operating pressure: 6 / 3.5 bar
Noise: <75dB

Forehead: positioning with motorized travel with an accuracy of 0.1mm
Control system: PLC with remote management + touch screen 7 inches

Maximum height of cut charge: 1300 mm
Maximum cutting length: 2200 mm
Table size to the right of the knife (unloading): 1300 mm
Table size to the left of the knife: 2100 mm
Stop face height: 1000 mm
Saw blade length: 8650 mm
Grinders: quality A 998 12M SV 70 x 13 x 13 mm
Gross weight: 960 kg


you can find more on the video portal RobexTube (Youtube.com/robexdk)


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